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North Algona Wilberforce Township

Updated: 7 years ago - Created: February 24th, 2012

North Algona Wilberforce TownshipThe Township has the world's largest inland freshwater lake without an island, Lake Dore and beautiful Mink Lake and Golden Lake, as well as mile after mile of the Bonnechere River system The Township has residential and commercial space available through private individuals as well as Real Estate Agencies, and with only 2,483 residents in 35,922 square hectares, there is still space for many more people without feeling crowded.




1091 Shaw Woods Rd.,
Eganville, Ontario
K0J 1T0

County Council Member

Name Title Telephone Fax
Harold Weckworth Mayor (613)628-2080 (613)628-3341

Harold Weckworth (Mayor) - North Algona Wilberforce Township Mayor Harold Weckworth is entering his tenth year as a member of County Council. Mayor Weckworth follows a family tradition of politics as his late father, Abby Weckworth, was the Reeve of the former Township of North Algona. As a current member of County Council, Mayor Weckworth is a member of the Operations Committee and Social Services Committee. Harold also sits on the Land Division Committee and is the Elected Representative to the Ministry of Natural Resources Regional Advisory Committee. When he is back home in his own municipality, Harold can be found at the Golden Lake Postal Station where he has been delivering mail for a number of years. Harold always looks forward to the Autumn season so he can take part in the annual deer hunt. Harold has been happily married to Patty and has three sons. Harold and Patty spend a lot of their spare time on the family farm enjoying the company of their grandchildren as often as possible.

Elected Municipal Officials


Title Telephone Fax
Kevin Clarke Councillor    
Lorenzo Kelo Councillor    
John Keuhl Councillor    
Ruth Schoenfeldt Councillor    

Municipal Staff

Name Title Telephone Fax
Marilyn M. Schruder Clerk-Treasurer (613)628-2080 (613)628-3341
Harvey Reckzin Public Works Director (613)628-2618 (613)628-3341
Mark Schroeder Chief Building Official (613)628-3101 ext.242 (613)628-1336
Charles Cheesman Manager of Planning Services (613)735-3204 (613)734-2492
Alastair Baird County of Renfrew, Economic Development Manager (613)735-0091 (613)735-2492

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