Town of Renfrew

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Town of RenfrewLess than an hour from Canada's capital, the Town of Renfrew is a beautiful four-season destination with marvelous attractions in town and nearby. Renfrew is strategically located on the TransCanada Highway, approximately 100 km west of Ottawa, with easy access to Montreal, Toronto, Windsor, North Bay and Algonquin Park. It is the commercial hub of the area, serving a rural and small town population base of over 30,000 in Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec. Founded in the early 1800's, the Town of Renfrew is steeped in heritage and tradition. This unique heritage is celebrated annually in July with the Lumber Baron Festival. Entertainment, pageantry, sidewalk sales, outdoor concerts, music, dancing and living history, along with traditional Valley hospitality welcome all who attend. As the geographical hub of Renfrew County, the Town of Renfrew is a natural starting point for miles of travel adventure. Thrilling whitewater rafting, golfing, swimming, boating, fishing and skiing are only some of the activities that can be found in and around the Renfrew area. So for those wishing to reside or to just visit, we are sure that you will find the Town of Renfrew is a place worthy of its title:

"Pride of the Ottawa Valley"



127 Raglan St. S.,
Renfrew, Ontario
K7V 1P8

County Council Member

Name Title Telephone Fax
Audrey Green Reeve (613)432-4848 (613)432-7245

Audrey Green (Reeve) - Town of RenfrewReeve Audrey Green is truly a political veteran in the County of Renfrew. Audrey has proudly served the Town of Renfrew for over 27 years, serving as a Councillor, Mayor and Reeve. As the town’s representative on County Council, Audrey serves on the Operations, and Social Services Committee. Audrey regards the development of the Enterprise Renfrew County Offices in both Renfrew and Pembroke as a great accomplishment for local businesses. Audrey has a long history of social activism through her work with such organizations as the RoyalCanadian Legion, Renfrew Heritage Society and other community groups. Audrey is a strong supporter of the Town of Renfrew, and notes its growing commercial and industrial sectors as key drivers for the economy. Audrey has served on County Council since 1997, and cherishes the many friendships she has developed with her fellow councillors over the years.

Elected Municipal Officials

Name Title Telephone Fax
Bill Ringrose Mayor (613)432-4848 Ext. 112 (613)432-7245
Tom Anderson Councillor    
Gail Cole Councillor    
Andrew Evans Councillor    
Clint McWhirter Councillor    
James Miller Councillor    

Municipal Staff

Name Title Telephone Fax
Kim Bulmer Clerk (613)432-4848 (613)432-7245
Keray O'Reilly Treasurer (613)432-4848 (613)432-7245

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