Entrepreneur's Toolkit

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Business Planning and Start-up
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In this section, learn what is involved in starting a small business in Ontario as well as the supports available within our community to help you launch your business.

Business Development and Resources
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Links to resources for business development.

Business Financing and Incentives
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We understand the confusion that you have to go through to find information on financial incentives and funding programs. In this section we have a broad listing of financial incentives and funding programs available for business.

Taxes, Permits, Licences and Zoning
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By-laws are established by Municipal/City Council and some by-laws require certain types of businesses to obtain licenses or permits in order to operate.  Depending on the nature of the business as well as where the property or building is located, related fees, business licensing, building permit and development fees may apply.

Office and Human Resource
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Managing your business includes a wide range of activities, from day-to-day operations to long-term planning. It is important that you understand what you are responsible for, and what you can do to make your business run efficiently.

Government of Canada - Concierge Service
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Concierge Service is the place where Canadian enterprises can find information and guidance to access government programs and resources in support of business innovation.

Contact Us
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Key Community Contacts Alastair Baird Manager Economic Development 613-735-0091, ext. 466 abaird@countyofrenfrew.on.ca County of Renfrew Economic Development Services 9 International Drive Pembroke, ON K8A...
General Disclaimer
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The City of Pembroke and County of Renfrew reserves the right to remove without notice any material which in its sole discretion it deems to be unsuitable for dissemination via its World Wide Web server(s). In order to ensure that the information...
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Events, Seminars and Workshops

There are a variety of free and affordable workshops, seminars and events available to help all levels of business.