Business Financing and Incentives

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We understand the confusion that you have to go through to find information on financial incentives and funding programs. In this section we have a broad listing of financial incentives and funding programs available for business.


Ontario Business Program Guide

Find information on funding and programs available to help grow healthy, strong and prosperous communities.

The Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs (ONE)

Learn more about loans, grants, or tax incentives and how you can access them.

Interested in Energy Efficiency Incentives for Business?

Learn about energy-efficiency programs to assist organizations from the smallest of retail stores to the largest industrial complexes. Programs to help fund energy audits, to replace energy-wasting equipment or to pursue new construction that exceeds our existing codes and standards. Businesses can also pursue incentives for controlling and reducing their electricity demand at specific times. The bottom line is that there are innovative programs that can help businesses reduce their electricity costs, while helping Ontario defer the need to build new generation and reduce its environmental footprint.


Canada Business Network

CBN is a resource where you can find information on Government grants, financing, day to day operating guidance, including taxes, regulations and much more.

The Eastern Ontario Development Program (EODP)

EODP is a Government of Canada initiative which promotes economic development in eastern Ontario. It has been a catalyst in many communities by encouraging new projects and community plans, mobilizing community stakeholders and helping to form partnerships.

Industry Canada

Canada’s small business financing program.

Futurpreneur Canada

Are you under 40 and want to start a business?   Futurpreneur may be able to help.

Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) program

Scientific Research and Experimental Development is a federal tax incentive program to encourage Canadian businesses of all sizes and in all sectors to conduct research and development (R&D) in Canada that will lead to new, improved, or technologically advanced products or processes.


Rise Asset Development

Rise provides microfinancing (loans, leases and lines of credit) and mentorship to entrepreneurs with a history of mental health or addiction challenges.

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Events, Seminars and Workshops

There are a variety of free and affordable workshops, seminars and events available to help all levels of business.