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Community open house surrounding status of White Lake

Updated: 3 years ago - Created: September 9th, 2016
Date: September 10th, 2016

Lake stewardship is vital to maintaining the health and future integrity of a lake. It involves the collaboration of the lake community and stakeholders in taking actions, such as implementing programs and practices to maintain and enhance water quality and responsible usage for the benefit of all.

A report entitled, White Lake State of the Lake 2016, has recently been released and can be viewed or downloaded from the White Lake Preservation Project Stewardship Plan webpage ( The state of the lake report is a document summarizing all aspects of the environmental and social characteristics of the lake and its watershed. This report will provide a snapshot of the lake’s environment, land uses and development levels, and its boating and recreational conditions.

The state of the lake report is a key building block in the White Lake stewardship planning process. Its purpose is to provide and confirm key observations about the health of various aspects of the lake in order to provide science and consensus based recommendations to be considered by the White Lake community and included in the lake stewardship plan. A lake stewardship plan will be developed which is intended to guide actions towards the protection and management of the environmental and social characteristics important to the health and enjoyment of the lake.

You are invited to share your comments, questions and information regarding the recently released draft White Lake State of the Lake 2016 report. The report is available at the White Lake Stewardship Plan website: or Watersheds Canada:

All comments, suggestions and questions may be directed to:


Stewart Community Centre
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