Time Management Strategies for Entrepreneurs

Updated: 4 years ago - Created: March 7th, 2016

Date: March 16th, 2016

Take Back Your Time:

Time Management Strategies for Entrepreneurs (with Majeed Mogharreban)

You will learn:

  • A simple, repeatable system to gain control of any project
  • Easy-to-implement methods for goal setting and clarifying action items
  • Tips and tricks to effectively delegate tasks
  • Key phrases to communicate objectives and clarify desired outcomes.

FREE TO ATTEND - Register by Friday, March 11

by email: jessica.geick@rccfdc.org or call: 613.431.3951

About the speaker:

Majeed Mogharreban is a professional speaker, author and entrepreneur.  After starting 5 businesses before he turned 21, Majeed now helps companies succeed faster with the entrepreurial mindset.


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