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Life Sciences

Updated: 7 years ago - Created: February 16th, 2012
Life Sciences study, research, development and manufacturing have a surprisingly long history in The County of Renfrew.   Since the mid- 1940’s the Biology and Health Physics Department of Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. Chalk River Laboratories has been engaged in the application of nuclear energy and radioisotopes in the fields of human health. A global leader in radiation therapy for the treatment of cancer, research here has benefited the lives and health of millions of people around the world. Pioneering work in the application of radioisotopes in the field of nuclear medicine for the detection of disease and study of body systems was also carried out at Chalk River Laboratories and is now part of the operations at hospitals world-wide. 
Radioisotopes and processes developed here are also applied globally in the study of biology and especially in micro biology. The measuring, counting and tracking of microscopic organisms are greatly facilitated through the use of short-lived radioisotopes which can be tagged to microorganisms. 
We are also home to Pillar5 Pharma, a contract manufacturer of pharmaceuticals which produces pill and liquid pharmaceutical products for major multi-nationals. More recently small, entrepreneurial companies have sprung up developing dental instruments and surgical tools.
Located as we are at the western border of the City of Ottawa, the capital of Canada, we also enjoy close proximity to the Government of Canada life sciences, animal and agricultural research and development laboratories and institutes. The ministries responsible for human health, the environment and our natural resources are all located in Ottawa.
A region which produces a wide range of agricultural and forestry products, is located next to one of Canada’s largest medical and life sciences communities and which hosts a major laboratory, the County of Renfrew is poised to play an even bigger role in the Life Sciences.