Updated: 7 years ago - Created: February 16th, 2012

We all have a different opinion of what an ideal outdoor vacation should be. For some, it’s a week of challenging the wildest whitewater or the best ski runs possible. For others, it’s time spent on a river catching trophy fish, or out in the marshlands hunting for prize game. Yet others like to spend their time traveling the back roads, enjoying the fresh air and spectacular scenery, immersing themselves in Ottawa Valley culture and learning about the rich Ottawa Valley history and heritage. For a tour of the Ottawa Valley by waterway visit the Ottawa River Waterway and enjoy over 1,300 kilometres of magnificent Valley scenery. Whatever your ideal, if it’s a natural retreat you’re looking for, look to the Ottawa Valley

The Upper Valley stretches from Ottawa, Canada’s capital city, westward along the foot of the Laurentian Mountains to the wilderness of world-renowned Algonquin Park. This landscape of pristine waterways, rolling woodlands and dramatic landforms calls people out-of-doors to recreation opportunities that are varied and adaptable to season, scenery and technical challenge. The online trail guide, Valley Explore includes walking, cycling, driving, skiing and canoeing routes as well as a guide to the various waterfalls in the Valley and is a valuable resource for those looking to explore the Ottawa Valley. The Valley is the perfect outdoor adventure destination, year ‘round

Folks of the Ottawa Valley are known worldwide for their warm brand of hospitality. This land is one of simple pleasures and old-fashioned values, where the generosity of a delicious home-cooked meal and a warm bed have long been part of our pioneering culture. The country side is dotted with family operated lodges and resorts, cozy bed-and-breakfasts homes and good old fashioned country inns. Many of these operations were established years ago, so the passing of time has witnessed the comings and goings of generations of guests and hosts.

We like to say that making people feel at home has become a tradition for those who live in the Valley. You’ll know you’ve arrived when greeted with the now-familiar g’day, g’day!