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Premier Ranked Report

Updated: 8 years ago - Created: April 25th, 2012

The Premier-ranked Tourist Destination Framework (PRTDF) was an initiative developed by the Ontario Ministry of Tourism and Culture in 2001. The goal of the PRTDF program is to help destinations across

Ontario identify areas for development related to tourism, assess their competitive tourism advantage and ultimately improve to become a destination of choice. Being a Premier-ranked Tourist Destination indicates that “here is a place more attractive than the rest, a place the potential tourist visitor should consider first in making travel plans.” To be clear, Premier-ranked is not a formal tourism designation but rather is an internal tourism goal for a destination to work towards as it relates to becoming “better than the rest”.

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To assist municipalities with assessing and developing their tourism product, the Ministry of Tourism and Culture established a tool called the Premier-ranked Tourist Destination Framework. This framework assists jurisdictions in assessing their tourist assets, attractions and amenities and allows them to identify opportunities in tourism development.