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The County of Renfrew has a strong history of agriculture and rural living. Although originally developed in conjunction with the forest industry, a vibrant agriculture community developed on the more arable lands of the County. The predominant agricultural area of the County is located on the sedimentary deposits of the Champlain Sea which are found in a broad area between Arnprior and Petawawa. There are also numerous pockets of good quality farmland located throughout the County.

The fields of the agricultural areas of the County contain bountiful crops of hay, corn, oats and barley. The most common farm types in Renfrew County are beef, dairy and field crops; sheep farming and specialty farms are also becoming an important part of the agricultural economy. Specialty farms include farms specializing in fruit, maple syrup, mushrooms, nurseries products, honey and vegetables.

A close look at the agriculture sector in Renfrew County shows that is is an important component of the overall economy. The 2001 Census of Canada (Agriculture) indicates that there were 402,978 acres of land being farmed in the County, with 163,079 acres (40%) of farmland in crops. Gross Farm Receipts for Renfrew County were 86,806,300 (excluding forest product sales) in 2011.  By using a standard economic development multiplier of 2.4 derived in 2000 through the Economic Impact Analysis that roughly translates into $208 M/yr.


Renfrew County Farm News
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Renfrew County Farm News

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