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The Green Energy Act was created to expand Ontario's production of renewable energy, encourage energy conservation and promote the creation of clean-energy green jobs.

The act aims to expand Ontario's renewable energy production and create clean-energy jobs by:

  • creating a feed-in-tariff program that guarantees rates for energy generated from renewable sources - such as solar photovoltaic, biogas, biomass, landfill gas, on-shore and off-shore wind and water power; minimum levels of Ontario labour and materials are required to qualify for the program
  • establishing the right to connect to the electricity grid for all renewable energy projects - including small-scale energy generators, such as homes and schools - that meet technical, economic and regulatory requirements
  • establishing a "one-stop" streamlined approvals process for small-scale renewable energy projects that meet regulatory requirements
  • implementing a "smart" power grid to support the development of new renewable energy projects, and to prepare Ontario for new technologies such as electric cars.

The act promotes conservation in Ontario through:

  • creating new energy-efficient standards for Ontario's building code and for household appliances
  • providing financial assistance for small-scale renewable energy projects
  • working with local utilities to help them reach conservation targets
  • ensuring conservation measures protect low-income Ontarians.





(Source: Ontario Ministry of the Environment, © Queen's Printer for Ontario, 2010 - 2011)


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Over 100 forest companies make their home in Renfrew County, which has identical boundaries to the Ottawa Valley Sustainable Forest Licence area.

Forest industry of Renfrew County supports nearly 4,500 jobs:

  • 2,055 direct jobs - 19.3 per cent of regional goods-producing sector employment

  • 1,069 indirect regional jobs

  • 1,295 indirect provincial jobs

  • Primary wood manufacturing over ten times provincial average

To access our interactive directory and map of our Wood-Based Producers, click on the banner below


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<![CDATA[Life Sciences ]]>, 03 Oct 2012 10:22:59 -0400Life Sciences study, research, development and manufacturing have a surprisingly long history in The County of Renfrew.   Since the mid- 1940’s the Biology and Health Physics Department of Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. Chalk River Laboratories has been engaged in the application of nuclear energy and radioisotopes in the fields of human health. A global leader in radiation therapy for the treatment of cancer, research here has benefited the lives and health of millions of people around the world. Pioneering work in the application of radioisotopes in the field of nuclear medicine for the detection of disease and study of body systems was also carried out at Chalk River Laboratories and is now part of the operations at hospitals world-wide. 
Radioisotopes and processes developed here are also applied globally in the study of biology and especially in micro biology. The measuring, counting and tracking of microscopic organisms are greatly facilitated through the use of short-lived radioisotopes which can be tagged to microorganisms. 
We are also home to Pillar5 Pharma, a contract manufacturer of pharmaceuticals which produces pill and liquid pharmaceutical products for major multi-nationals. More recently small, entrepreneurial companies have sprung up developing dental instruments and surgical tools.
Located as we are at the western border of the City of Ottawa, the capital of Canada, we also enjoy close proximity to the Government of Canada life sciences, animal and agricultural research and development laboratories and institutes. The ministries responsible for human health, the environment and our natural resources are all located in Ottawa.
A region which produces a wide range of agricultural and forestry products, is located next to one of Canada’s largest medical and life sciences communities and which hosts a major laboratory, the County of Renfrew is poised to play an even bigger role in the Life Sciences.


<![CDATA[Tourism]]>, 01 Oct 2012 4:07:22 -0400We all have a different opinion of what an ideal outdoor vacation should be. For some, it’s a week of challenging the wildest whitewater or the best ski runs possible. For others, it’s time spent on a river catching trophy fish, or out in the marshlands hunting for prize game. Yet others like to spend their time traveling the back roads, enjoying the fresh air and spectacular scenery, immersing themselves in Ottawa Valley culture and learning about the rich Ottawa Valley history and heritage. For a tour of the Ottawa Valley by waterway visit the Ottawa River Waterway and enjoy over 1,300 kilometres of magnificent Valley scenery. Whatever your ideal, if it’s a natural retreat you’re looking for, look to the Ottawa Valley

The Upper Valley stretches from Ottawa, Canada’s capital city, westward along the foot of the Laurentian Mountains to the wilderness of world-renowned Algonquin Park. This landscape of pristine waterways, rolling woodlands and dramatic landforms calls people out-of-doors to recreation opportunities that are varied and adaptable to season, scenery and technical challenge. The online trail guide, Valley Explore includes walking, cycling, driving, skiing and canoeing routes as well as a guide to the various waterfalls in the Valley and is a valuable resource for those looking to explore the Ottawa Valley. The Valley is the perfect outdoor adventure destination, year ‘round

Folks of the Ottawa Valley are known worldwide for their warm brand of hospitality. This land is one of simple pleasures and old-fashioned values, where the generosity of a delicious home-cooked meal and a warm bed have long been part of our pioneering culture. The country side is dotted with family operated lodges and resorts, cozy bed-and-breakfasts homes and good old fashioned country inns. Many of these operations were established years ago, so the passing of time has witnessed the comings and goings of generations of guests and hosts.

We like to say that making people feel at home has become a tradition for those who live in the Valley. You’ll know you’ve arrived when greeted with the now-familiar g’day, g’day!

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The Creative Industries Economy offers unparalleled opportunity for individuals and businesses eager to participate in a lucrative, stimulating and rewarding part of the labour market.

As commonly defined, the Creative Industries Economy is

“An economy in which people are paid to think using ideas, innovation, knowledge and collaboration in their work.”

Or in terms that labour economists use to define work:

“An economy in which the nature of work has moved from routine-oriented jobs to creativity-oriented jobs.”

Ultimately, Creative Economy is about the work people do, not the sectors that businesses fit into. In this way, anyone who does “creative” (that is, non-routine work) is part of the creative economy.

‘Creative’ is not restricted to cultural or artisan enterprises; engineers are creative; consultants, designers, writers, scientists; all of these involve creative work. While a factory worker may not be part of the creative economy, the factory manager or trainer most certainly is.

Renfrew County is a welcoming community to entrepreneurs in the Creative Industries sector.  Through an active network of entrepreneurial support systems, couple with an outstanding quality of life that is found amongst our smaller cities and towns, the Ottawa Valley Economic Development team is committed to helping you achieve success.

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The County of Renfrew has a strong history of agriculture and rural living. Although originally developed in conjunction with the forest industry, a vibrant agriculture community developed on the more arable lands of the County. The predominant agricultural area of the County is located on the sedimentary deposits of the Champlain Sea which are found in a broad area between Arnprior and Petawawa. There are also numerous pockets of good quality farmland located throughout the County.

The fields of the agricultural areas of the County contain bountiful crops of hay, corn, oats and barley. The most common farm types in Renfrew County are beef, dairy and field crops; sheep farming and specialty farms are also becoming an important part of the agricultural economy. Specialty farms include farms specializing in fruit, maple syrup, mushrooms, nurseries products, honey and vegetables.

A close look at the agriculture sector in Renfrew County shows that is is an important component of the overall economy. The 2001 Census of Canada (Agriculture) indicates that there were 402,978 acres of land being farmed in the County, with 163,079 acres (40%) of farmland in crops. Gross Farm Receipts for Renfrew County were 86,806,300 (excluding forest product sales) in 2011.  By using a standard economic development multiplier of 2.4 derived in 2000 through the Economic Impact Analysis that roughly translates into $208 M/yr.


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The Ottawa Valley is the home to several ADVANCED MANUFACTURING companies.


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Although the county has had a long history of mining activity, it is now confined to such areas as magnesium, dolomite and graphite, which is used for export as well as by local manufacturers who send their finished products around the world.

Recent developments in the Ottawa Valley include a renewed interest in the graphite deposits in such areas as Bissett Creek, to the north, and Black Donald, to the south near Calabogie. 

For information on both projects:


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The Premier-ranked Tourist Destination Framework (PRTDF) was an initiative developed by the Ontario Ministry of Tourism and Culture in 2001. The goal of the PRTDF program is to help destinations across

Ontario identify areas for development related to tourism, assess their competitive tourism advantage and ultimately improve to become a destination of choice. Being a Premier-ranked Tourist Destination indicates that “here is a place more attractive than the rest, a place the potential tourist visitor should consider first in making travel plans.” To be clear, Premier-ranked is not a formal tourism designation but rather is an internal tourism goal for a destination to work towards as it relates to becoming “better than the rest”.

Click here to access the document

To assist municipalities with assessing and developing their tourism product, the Ministry of Tourism and Culture established a tool called the Premier-ranked Tourist Destination Framework. This framework assists jurisdictions in assessing their tourist assets, attractions and amenities and allows them to identify opportunities in tourism development.

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  • Renfrew County Source Qualified Calf Program - Manual of Best Practices
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    <![CDATA[Studies]]>, 24 Apr 2012 2:03:47 -0400
  • Renfrew County Forest Industry Survey
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